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Ever since 1986 le Saint-Aulaye has been an artisanal pastry and bakery, gourmand and traditional, and has become a reference in Brussels. Classical or original, the bread, viennoiseries , the Danish pastries and other pastries have one point in common: a high level of requirement regarding the level of quality, freshness and seasonality. To reach this goal, Fabien Grégoire and Frédéric Dupont, Compagnons of the Tour de France, have worked out recipes to perpetuate and assure the transmission of their traditional knowledge to their teams. We take the time to work the ingredients so they can give the best of themselves, by work, rest, fermentation, cooking, icing and decoration. You can find our range of products in our shops where Jean-Louis Barré, whose strength comes from his experience, and his team, are ready to advise and assure you that your experience will be top notch at every visit.


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test our pastry

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Merci 1.000 fois !

Le Saint-Aulaye dont la notoriété n’est plus à faire en matière de qualité de ses pains, gâteaux, galettes, brioches, viennoiseries, etc. est également une boulangerie-pâtisserie des plus généreuses. En effet, en plus d’offrir ses invendus au Samusocial, cette maison d’exception soutient activement par ses dons quotidiens la Plateforme Citoyenne de Soutien aux Réfugiés. Merci 1.000 fois à Jean-Louis Barré, à Fabien Grégoire et à leurs équipes d’adoucir ainsi un peu la vie des réfugiés et SDF de la gare du Nord, du parc Maximilien et de la Porte d’Ulysse.

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Une vrais tuerie !

Premier essai hier, je travaille juste en face. J’ai pris un pain aux noix, c’est une vraie tuerie ! une boulangerie comme il n’en existe plus beaucoup à ne pas manquer

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Excellentissime… Tellement bons, tellement frais ces gâteaux… Jamais nous n’avions mangé de gâteaux aussi bons… Merci…

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Precision, hard work, patience, these three essential ingredients are necessary according to Frédéric Dupont to make bakery products of the highest quality. He started his apprenticeship at Bourdeaux, then became a member of the Compagnons du Devoir. Nîmes, Marseille, Nantes, Dijon, Strasbourg, Paris, there he learned the techniques and tradition of the craft. For several years he advised his colleagues all over the world. When Jean-Louis and Fabien asked him to join, he signed without hesitating!


Determination, patience, and passion, according to Fabien Grégoire these three essential ingredients are necessary to produce high quality pastry. He found his path at the age of 16 and followed an apprenticeship of 2 years in Nancy before joining the Compagnons du Devoir. He continued in Marseille, Brest, Colmar, Nantes and then Paris. The Compagnons Pâtissiers have given him the opportunity to cross paths with Frédéric Dupont, today the head baker of Saint-Aulaye.


Particular attention, discovery, generosity, according to Jean-Louis Barré these three essential ingredients are necessary to advise his clients so they can choose the most exceptional products and delicacy. Surrounding himself with the best craftsmen to create a close-knit team: an essential challenge he quickly made happen. A strong trio that agreed quickly on the fundamentals of Le Saint-Aulaye: raw materials of first choice, taking the time and passion.


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Le Saint-Aulaye Ixelles


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